My Cosmos Features

MY COSMOS is a comprehensive PRP (Personal Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relation Management) application, which constitutes the complete solution of Personal Management - Corporate Reporting and Audit. It provides maximum data security, fast processing and management of large files. The hierarchically structure ensure usability, friendliness and speed. Gives a single window across the information technology using ODE (One Data Entry). All application areas cooperate seamlessly together and communicate automatically each other, despite of multi-layered and complex functionality.


Based on twenty years of experience in managing of high-volume customers, we developed COSMOS CRM. It provides complete control of projects and monitoring the flow of work about all company departments (PROJECT AGENDA), offering search engine that enables unlimited groupings Customers with every possible combination (GROUPING). These make it a valuable tool for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. The use of grouping CRM is an irreplaceable tool for any business. It provides complete customer management with every possible grouping and sending e-mail.


Ability to archive documents, photos, video, cliparts. moreover it provides an engine, that can find individual words or part thereof in paragraphs. Indeed, innovation is the possibility of correlation for each text or file in general. It can be matched with each customer, supplier or partner separately.
Automatic creation of digital content catalogs.


-ACCOUNTING: Supports all those records, that required for compliance with internal accounting department of company , allowing multiple features such as customization and reports.
-WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT: Ability to monitor stock items and orders.
-CHECK MANAGEMENT: Manage all payable or receivable checks, watching the progressive balance to help and monitor the cash flow of company.
-MANAGEMENT CASH FLOW: Manages all cash inflows and outflows, enabling programming payments.