My Cosmos

Α comprehensive PRP (Personal Resource Planning)
and CRM (Customer Relation Management) application,
which constitutes the complete solution for your company.

Choose your own :
- My Cosmos CRM
- My Cosmos Multimedia
- My Cosmos Management

Web Design

In Leading Wave with the necessary expertise and the right tools we can implement a complete and a comprehensive proposal for your company's corporate identity.

Web Marketing

You have a website, but it doesn't bring desired
profit to your company?

Leading Wave help you to increase your sales and your customer network with specific methodology and strategy.

My Cosmos

A complete solution of Personal Management - Corporate Reporting and Audit.

Web design

Strategic design that compliments your brand & accomplishes your goals.

Internet Marketing

Web promotion with a strategic plan based on your services and internal resources.

Mobile Application

Interactive mobile applications with unlimited functionality for the most popular mobile platforms.